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Leaving Home Necklace
Leaving Home Necklace (detail)
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Leaving Home Necklace

1. Decide on a central theme or story for your own version of the necklace. Think about a road trip you took, a favorite vacation, or what "leaving home" means to you.

2. Gather souvenirs from past or future travels and don't discount unusual items like soil or cotton (seen above).

3. Make, solder, and shape a bezels for each object that will become a part of your necklace (complete instructions for this step are available on page 132 of the book).

4. Cut a piece of 26-gauge sterling silver sheet and flux the entire piece. Then flux the bezels (except those of the protruding objects), and place them in position according to your design. Use medium solder and a torch to solder all the bezels to the base at one time.


For complete step-by-step instructions on creating your own necklace, please purchase a copy of the book online or at your local bookstore.


Mixed-Media Collage Jewelry: New Directions in Memory Jewelry
Mixed-Media Collage Jewelry: New Directions in Memory Jewelry
Janette Schuster
Lark Books, New York