2024: Transformation: Right On Time!
Kristin Diener has established herself as a practiced metalsmith, an accomplished jewelry maker and sculptor who combines the discarded with the precious. She has created a collection of wearable works of art, containing relics and memories, that relate to the body. 

But when pieces of the past collide with the present, or worse hinder the future, what or who can possibly hold onto value? What is devotion worth?

After years of amassing thousands of objects for the purpose of “someday” and “carrying the sacred to safety”, Diener’s broader creative vision changed. She decided that many things needed to go and began to process those objects in honor of this precious moment and all of its questions. 

Today, using time and space as her artistic materials to forge links between now and then, wherever and whenever “then” takes form, she is immersed in growth, clarification, and refinement.

I’ll Keep You Posted! Woo hoo!

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