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Cross Pollination

A group exhibition showcasing work at the intersection of art and science that focuses on bees and other pollinators. About 35 percent of the world’s food crops and 75 percent of the flowering plants depend on pollinators to reproduce. Pollinators, including bees, moths and butterflies, and birds, have become increasingly threatened by human action. With this knowledge, artists have responded to the issue by working with and for pollinators to raise awareness about their profound benefits to life on earth. Curated by artist/backyard beekeeper Valerie Roybal, with curatorial assistance from Claude Smith and Aimee Gwynne Franklin, Cross Pollination not only refers to how bees and other insects pollinate a large portion of the world’s food, but also to the cross pollination of ideas in art and science. The exhibition includes local, national and international artists working in painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, installation, film/video, performance, and more.


Cross Pollination
August 19 - November 11, 2017
516 Central Ave SW  
Albuquerque, NM 87102


Jennifer Angus (Wisconsin)                                                                
Kelly Eckel (New Mexico)  
Jo Golesworthy (United Kingdom)                                                                      Talia Greene (Pennsylvania) 
Lily Hunter Green (United Kingdom)                                                                        
Steve Barry (New Mexico)                                                                  
Mary Judge (New York)
Susanna Carlisle & Bruce Hamilton (New Mexico)                      
Bryan Konefsky/Basement Films (New Mexico)
Chris Collins (New Mexico)                                                                                      Stephanie Lerma (New Mexico)
Kristin Diener (New Mexico)                                                                                    Hilary Lorenz (New York & New Mexico)
Aganetha and Richard Dyck (Canada)                                                                     Pastel (Argentina)    
Daisy Patton (Colorado)
Jo Golesworthy (United Kingdom)                                                                            Ren Ri (China)